Deploy devices quicker than ever before with Rollout Scout

With Rollout Scout, large device deployments have never been simpler. Get student devices checked out in seconds, with a quick scan from a connected barcode scanner. iiQ Assets records previous device ownership and storage location, so students can receive the same device, year-over-year.

Incident IQ districts have reported deployment times as fast as 1,000 devices per hour.

Collect devices and track storage locations

iiQ Assets records previous device ownership and storage location, so schools efficiently assign the same device to students year-over-year.

Device stewardship keeps student
devices working longer

Districts that return the same device to students year-over-year experience less device damage. If students know they’re getting the same device back, they’re more likely to take better care it. With storage tracking, iiQ Assets makes this best practice easy to implement.

Eliminate downtime with Spare Pool Management

A damaged device can lead to lost instructional time. Spare Pool provides IT teams with tools to quickly assign spare devices to users with lost or broken hardware.

Distribute and collect permission forms digitally

With Policy Manager, districts can create a trusted channel to quickly distribute policy agreements. Create policy forms and digitally deliver them to students, parents, faculty or staff. Easily track and report on policy acceptance.

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management for districts of all sizes.

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