HR Reporting and Analytics

Help your HR team help others
with better data.

Improve the performance of your K-12 HR department with relevant data
that matters to your team.

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HR Dashboards

Display valuable HR data
front and center.

Display the information that matters most to you. Get better visibility over high-priority tasks, team response times, onboarding progress, and more—all from a single, customizable dashboard.

HR Custom Views

Live-updating reports keep everyone in the loop.

Filters and Custom Views let you create the reports you want to stay up-to-date on, such as missing direct deposit information, HR requests by location, and pending onboarding tasks. Save Custom Views on your dashboard to keep critical reports top of mind and immediately visible.

HR Report Sharing

Empower your team with in-depth, actionable reports

Get everyone on the same page and keep stakeholders informed with shareable Custom Views. Report sharing helps you identify workflow bottlenecks, prioritize team to-do lists, and stay synced on your most important projects.

HR Analytics

Work better together with powerful data.

Improve the performance of your HR department with actionable analytics. Live-updating analytics give you the information you need to increase onboarding speed, team response times, and the efficiency of your HR workflows.

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