Provide K-12 staff with an easy way to submit HR requests.

Eliminate drive-by requests and provide K-12 district staff with an easy-to-use portal to submit HR support requests.

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Design HR support workflows that are optimized for your team.

Ensure that HR requests contain the information you need the first time—minimizing the need for back-and-forth emails. Add custom fields tailored to individual request types, and provide your team with data-rich HR support tickets.

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Automate tasks to keep your team focused on the important things.

Automatically route requests, elevate priority, and notify employees based on automations that work best for your workflow. With automations, you can reduce administrative time and focus on the high-value tasks that matter most.

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Stay in touch with effective collaboration tools.

HR Service Delivery lets you add followers to requests to keep stakeholders in the loop. Create specialized teams for better collaboration on shared projects. Users can comment requests in-app or from an email notification, making it easy to keep everyone updated.

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