It all starts with a K-12 help ticketing platform that is simple for teachers, visible for support teams, and intelligently built to suit the needs of today’s technology-transformed classrooms.

Easy to Use

Our design goal was to make it easy to submit K-12 help requests, so teachers can focus on instruction. Technology-transformed classrooms rely on multiple systems, applications and critical data to benefit students. Incident IQ manages support for all these and more.

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Ticket entry in under a minute

With just a few clicks, teachers (or even students) can submit information-rich help requests in under a minute. Our Quick Tickets and Favorites features empower fast ticket entry with all the information support teams need to understand and resolve issues.

In-platform communications

Have a question about an open ticket? Ask it right on the Ticket Timeline, and see a log of past communications from the Requestor (teacher) and any Agent (support team member) that has worked that ticket. Incident IQ’s Notification Center and email notifications ensure that no one misses a message.

Mobile ticketing

Incident IQ Mobile for iOS and Android enables teachers and support staff to enter K-12 help requests on the go. Multiple options support scanned asset ID entry for hardware tickets or device distribution and collection.

Powerful for Support Teams

Incident IQ automatically organizes k-12 help ticket queues to improve support team efficiency. Agent dashboards quickly allow support team members to evaluate their workloads; priority tickets stand out immediately.

Tailored Dashboards

View the highest-priority tickets and see notifications for tickets that you’re working. Customize elements to tailor your Incident IQ dashboard, displaying the information you need most.

Ticket Status Updates

Quickly adjust or view ticket status right from the dashboard. Or sort by ticket status to evaluate your workload and prioritize your day.

Custom Views

Make Incident IQ work for you. Save filtered views for one-click reference any time as Custom Views. See tickets based on priority, issue type, time unresolved, and more.

Work Packages

Incident IQ bundles similar ticket types together, so you can lighten your load by tackling multiple tickets at once. Additionally, this feature enables support team members to quickly identify issue patterns and network system outages.

Resolution Actions

Record and view resolution steps within each ticket. Support team members can view resolutions on tickets to understand actions taken to resolve help requests and empower accurate reporting.

Workflows built for K-12

Incident IQ is designed and built for the K-12 technology support use-case. Our new and unique Apps Architecture empower your district to quickly provide consistent support workflows for teachers and support staff.

Incident IQ Apps

Incident IQ Support Apps

With Incident IQ’s Apps Architecture you can empower your district’s teachers and support professionals with a standardized support experience delivered by our pre-built support apps.

Apps are available for popular K-12 technology, courseware, learning applications, Learning Management Systems, and Student Information Systems.

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Route to the right support person

Route to the right support person

Make sure the right tickets get to the right people. Automatically route tickets to users and teams based on issue type, location, and more.

Share best practices with a K-12 knowledge base

Share best practices

Use Knowledge Base to store and share winning solutions to frequently-encountered issues and access OEM support resources (if necessary) directly from Incident IQ.

Work smarter with a K-12 help desk

Work smarter

Working tickets shouldn’t be a chore. Batch ticketing simplifies your workload—apply actions and change the status of multiple tickets at once.

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