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Incident IQ is equipped with a powerful suite of automation tools. Rules Engine sorts and routes tickets, assigning priority, service level agreements, and appropriate teams or agents to each help ticket.

Amplify your team’s effort with automation

You set up rules once, and your district is good to go. Rules Engine takes over from there—
routing and prioritizing each ticket in a snap. No coding required!

Rules Engine Automated Routing Chromebook Support
Automated Priority Escalation
Rules Engine Automated SIS Support

Intelligent routing

Get the right task to the right team member—instantly. Go further than simple sorting—set up rules based on unique issue types. Specialized issues can be sent to respective specialists, while broader issues can be dispatched to relevant teams.

Automatic prioritization

Rules Engine is the system for ranking and organizing an IT team’s workload. You tell Incident IQ what issues and locations are most important for resolution, and Rules Engine will rank those tickets at a higher priority.

Improved team performance

Automatically apply Service Level Agreements to tickets based on issue type or location. Send email alerts when tickets have been sitting too long. Attach followers to tickets that meet certain criteria. Rules Engine ensures that tickets don’t fall between the cracks.

Less sifting. More solving.

Reclaim your day by letting Rules Engine handle repetitive administrative tasks.

Automatically route hardware tickets to hardware specialists.

Instantly elevate the priority of tickets related to student device failures.

Notify specific users via email when tickets of a specific type are submitted.

Dynamically assign multiple service-level agreements to ticket types.

See Rules Engine in action

Rules Engine Automated Student Device Support
Ensure device uptime during critical testing periods

During testing time, escalate priority for student device tickets to ensure uptime for critical periods.

Automatically route SIS requests to the proper team

If a ticket is an enrollment or course assignment issue, assign the ticket to the Student Information Systems team.

Rules Engine Student Information Systems Support
Rules Engine Automated Satisfaction Surveys
Gauge teacher satisfaction with support team performance

Send a survey to a random sample of teachers who have submitted help tickets.

Ensure student privacy policies are adhered to

For all Student Information Systems tickets, automatically toggle student data flags to protect potentially sensitive information.

Rules Engine Automated Student Privacy Protections

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