With Incident IQ, schools are equipped with the most comprehensive educational deployment tools ever built for K-12. Get student devices assigned in seconds and collect them just as fast, using an attached barcode scanner or the camera on your mobile device. Automatically record a device’s storage location to facilitate year-over-year device distribution to the same students.

Year-round tools for better device management

1:1 device and policy deployment to start the year

With a barcode scanner or the camera on a mobile device, users can quickly scan asset tags and student IDs, enabling device distribution in seconds. Use Policy Manager to create and circulate Acceptable Use Policies to students and parents that can be accepted within Incident IQ, or via a custom district URL.

Incident IQ districts have reported deployment times as fast as 1,000 devices per hour.

Better support through the semester

No more hunting for serial numbers or even models—devices are tied to users, making it simple for teachers, staff members, and even students to submit support tickets. IT teams are provided with detail-rich tickets that speed up resolution times.

Deployment on the go

Everything you need to manage an educational technology deployment is already sitting in your pocket. With Incident IQ Mobile, use the camera on your smartphone to scan an asset tag and get a device checked out in seconds.

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Efficient device collection

When it comes time to collect devices, Incident IQ provides one-click check-in, as well as detailed device storage tracking. Open a device ticket with one click upon collection, or place the device into storage and automatically track the location that the device is stored in.

Redistribute devices with ease

Provide the same devices to students year-over-year with Rollout Scout—the advanced device distribution tool from Incident IQ. Decrease breakage rates and foster a spirit of device stewardship by returning the same unique device to each student.

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