K-12 educational technology is expansive – thousands of models and a single district may own and manage tens of thousands of devices or more. Combining Incident IQ’s built-for-K-12 help ticketing with top-of-the-line asset and inventory management delivers a new level of technology support.

Access assets in a flash

That is, in the flash of a barcode scanner. Use a hand-held scanner or Incident IQ Mobile to read an asset tag and dive into asset details. No more manual entries or sifting through search results. Scan an asset tag, and you’re instantly prompted with options to:

  • Access an asset’s history
  • Assign an asset to a user
  • Edit asset details
  • Open a ticket for an asset
  • Create a new asset
  • Verify an asset
Management of multiple assets

Update info for multiple assets at once

Reassign the location of classroom devices to another room down the hall. Update the status of a recently received shipment of repaired laptops. Like students, K-12 technology often moves in groups, so we’ve made it easy to track and log those assets in bulk. We’ve eliminated the monotonous chore of managing assets individually, allowing you to make changes to multiple devices in a snap. With bulk asset editing, you can:

  • Bulk assign assets to a user
  • Bulk change asset status
  • Set purchase and warranty information in bulk
  • Clone asset information in bulk
Incident IQ runs on the web, mobile and tablets

Top-of-the-line asset management

To reach and sustain success with your instructional technology program, get the most from an asset management system built for K-12. Incident IQ asset management is built into the help ticketing platform, with industry-leading features:

Link assets

Link assets

Associate related or dependent assets, creating relationships between assets

Clone assets

Clone assets

Filter and select a group of assets to create an identical group of assets with distinct asset tags

Generate and print K-12 asset tags

Generate and print asset tags

Incident IQ can create asset tags and print asset labels to compatible printers

Add attachments to student device records

Add attachments to records

Associate warranty documents, photos, PDF’s, and more with your district’s assets

Customize K-12 asset details

Customize asset details

Require and track asset data that matters to your district such as configurations or specific warranty information

Get asset management notifications

Get notifications

Stay up-to-date with optional email reports detailing any assets with changes to location, status or owner

Track K-12 asset funding

Track funding

Ensure various funding sources are properly tied and tracked to the appropriate assets

GPS verification of K-12 student devices

GPS verification

Verify an asset’s recorded GPS location from a recent audit using Incident IQ Mobile app

View K-12 asset management reports

View reports

Filter asset listings based on location, model, funding sources, status and any custom variables

Asset capabilities to support you

Incident IQ’s asset management gives you the tools to support your hardware and enhance your technology program. Here are a few examples of how our asset management system can change your daily workflow.

Streamline rollout & collection of K-12 student devices

Streamline rollout & collection

With a single scan, assign “ownership” during student device distribution, and a storage location during collection. Promote good device stewardship by maintaining rich asset history.

Link K-12 assets together

Link assets together

Associate critical pieces of IT hardware with one another. Monitors, wireless access points, network switches and more can be linked to one another.

Save time when auditing K-12 educational hardware

Save time in device audits

Use a scanner or mobile device to scan and verify the location and condition of assets during year-end audits.

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