Incident IQ Analytics helps leaders to better understand the needs, challenges and opportunities for improvement that exist in a district’s technology support environment. Technology leaders can review the status and performance of hardware, software, support vendors and teams, and drill down to the details.

Unleash the Power of Analytics

Within seconds, you can see actual data that illustrate common issues, device or support team performance. Discover best practice opportunities to share across your teams and locations.

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View Ticket Status

Check the status of your technology support program with a quick-view check on ticket status and resolution over time.

Drill Down to Issues by Model

Analytics also breaks down the number of tickets by devices and online systems, while revealing how your support teams are performing.

Service Level Agreements

Measure SLAs with average response and ticket resolution times across your district, or at each location.

Resolution Actions

As we dive into ticket types by model and location, we can see helpful details in the data such as spikes in total tickets, specific issues, resolution actions that resolve problems quickly.

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Questions Answered with Incident IQ Analytics

Which school is the most careful with their equipment?

Filtering tickets by location allows leaders to see which schools are submitting the greatest number of tickets for damaged hardware. Intervention plans can be developed to minimize future hardware incidents.

What is the most common issue we are having with our student devices?

Filtering by model will show users the top issues being submitted for a particular type of hardware or software. These issue types can highlight areas where additional training is needed, or allow leaders to better allocate resources to handle common requests.

Are we adequately supporting our district's online systems?

The online systems analytics report the average time taken to resolve tickets, as well as the average resolution time by issue category. Add Service Level Agreements to ensure that team members are resolving tickets effectively.

How long does it take to fix a damaged device?

The Ticket Pipeline Analysis shows the time tickets spend in each stage of resolution. Use this data to get an accurate estimation of turn-times for specific issue types.

Which Service Level Agreements are support teams meeting?

Filtering by SLA performance allows you to view which teams are meeting requirements for response time and time to resolution. Use this data to ensure that adequate resources are being allotted to high-volume incident types.

What time of year are most tickets submitted?

Break down ticket submissions by month to learn what your busiest periods are, and adjust your team's efforts accordingly.

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Analytics are Essential

K-12 districts have an opportunity for improved student achievement as a result of technology-integrated instruction. At the same time, districts have a responsibility to ensure that technology is well-supported in order to achieve greater gains for students. Incident IQ, with its powerful help ticketing and asset management platform, drives analytics to equip K-12 Technology Leaders with the information they need to lead this revolution.

Device & System Performance

Track hardware, software and system performance over time, and monitor the reliability of your district’s learning tools.

Team Structure

Organize teams to efficiently respond to support requests for your district’s hardware, software and systems.

Team Performance

View incident resolution times, and identify bottlenecks that are impeding instructional success.

Easily Share Data

Share your success and build a case for your district needs. With a click of your mouse, your district’s analytics can be downloaded for use outside the Incident IQ platform.

Access data in a spreadsheet

With one click, you can download any portion of your district’s analytics to a .CSV file.

Showcase numbers with a presentation

Click a button and your district’s data is exported as a visual in a PowerPoint file.

Illustrate figures as an image

Add your school system’s analytics to any file type by simply saving as a .JPG file.

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