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Top Issue Categories   ( sorted by total tickets )

  • Application / Opera...
  • Connectivity
  • Startup
  • Display
  • Sound
  • Issue not Listed

Tickets by Location   ( sorted by total tickets )

  • Shoal Creek Element...
  • Central Office
  • Conyers Middle
  • Flat Shoals Element...
  • Salem High
  • C.J Hicks Elementa...

Filtering by model will show users the top issues being submitted for a particular type of hardware or software. These issue types can highlight areas where additional training is needed, or allow leaders to better allocate resources to handle requests.

Filtering tickets by location allows leaders to see which schools are submitting the greatest number of tickets for damaged hardware. Intervention plans can be developed to minimize future hardware incidents.

Which Service Level Agreements are
support teams meeting?

Filtering by SLA performance allows you to view which teams are meeting requirements for response time and time to resolution. Use this data to ensure that adequate resources are being allotted to high-volume incident types.

Student Devices

Tickets:    3408


Student Information Systems

Tickets:    9367


Network Security

Tickets:    2144


Instructional Coaching

Tickets:    6381


Top Online Systems by Ticket Count   ( sorted by total tickets )

  • Schoolnet Learning...
  • DreamBox Learning...
  • itsLearning Learnin...
  • Khan Academy

Which learning apps require additional support from instructional coaches?

Online systems analytics report the volume of tickets broken down into individual applications. Issue categories and resolution times are measured as well, providing insights into which learning applications might require additional training and support.

How long does it take to fix a damaged device?


The Ticket Pipeline Analysis shows the time tickets spend in each stage of resolution. Use

this data to get an accurate estimation of turn-times for specific issue types.



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