Feature Update: Enhanced SLA Functionality

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Feature Update: Enhanced SLA Functionality

We’ve enhanced our Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionality with a number of new features. 

Users can now create and track multiple performance metrics from a single SLA. Custom metrics can now be added to SLAs, allowing for additional performance measurements. Create custom metrics using filters, and control precisely what ticket states should count against individual SLA metrics. 

A few examples: 

  • Track vendor response time when a ticket status is set to Waiting on Vendor
  • Track response time globally, by team, or by individual agent
  • Create metrics that apply to tickets based on priority level
  • Create a metric for that applies to tickets where a spare device has been issued

Easily add new metrics to Service Level Agreements, and automatically apply those SLAs to incoming tickets using Rules Engine.

Use filters to create custom metrics that track response time based on priority, status, workflow step, agent/team assignment, and more. Administrators can access these new SLA enhancements by navigating to Administration > SLAs.





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