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Feeling limited by your current CMMS solution? Wondering if there’s
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iiQ Facilities offers advanced solutions without complicating your workflow. Tailor-made for K-12 facilities, it offers an easy-to-use system, reducing the learning curve while providing efficiency from the very start. Benefit from our unwavering support at every stage, from the initial switch through the lifetime of your use. We work as an integral part of your team.


Why make the switch to iiQ Facilities?

Making a CMMS switch is about more than just managing facilities. It’s about empowering your team, optimizing resources, and enhancing your school’s environment.

Tailored for the needs of school maintenance teams, iiQ Facilities features are designed specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities within K-12 districts.


K-12 districts turn to iiQ Facilities
for reliable facilities management.

Discover the unmatched ease and reliability of our platform, offering user-friendly features and exceptional support beyond what legacy solutions currently provide.

Trusted by Maintenance Teams in School Districts of All Sizes.

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Experience a frictionless transition designed to fit your district’s needs. Our dedicated support team, well-versed in the specific challenges of K-12 environments, is here to provide assistance every step of the way. With iiQ Facilities you can make the switch to a modern toolkit without skipping a beat.



Cherry Creek SD made the switch for better facilities management operations.

Hear how Cherry Creek School District’s switch from SchoolDude to iiQ Facilities up-leveled their facilities processes across all 67 schools. Their success story includes quicker response times, comprehensive district support, and better data for improved resource allocation.


When I’m walking around one of our buildings, I use Incident IQ Mobile a lot. I can just snap a picture and then load it right into the ticket from the phone.


Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds
Downers Grove School District 58

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School Facilities Management CMMS FAQ

What is facilities management in schools?

This refers to the comprehensive oversight and coordination of maintenance and operations tasks related to the physical infrastructure of educational institutions. It involves effectively maintaining grounds and school buildings to ensuring their functionality, safety, and compliance with regulations. K-12 school facility teams often use a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to do more with their limited resources. They do this by streamlining workflows, coordinating maintenance teams on tasks such as repairs, inspections, and upgrades, and providing essential reports. Efficiently managing facilities allows schools to minimize classroom disruptions and provide a safe and productive learning environment for students and teachers.

Do I need a CMMS for facilities management in a K-12 school?

Yes, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is highly beneficial for those managing K-12 school facilities and many districts across the country use Incident IQ’s to help them. A user-friendly platform for streamlined operations management facilitates efficient scheduling  and documentation of maintenance tasks and enables preventative maintenance planning, as well as effective resource allocation. CMMS also offers features like document management, which allows easy access to manuals, warranties, and other critical information to help with compliance and liability.

How does a CMMS benefit me, my team, and my school?

Implementing a CMMS will streamline maintenance and operations activities, allowing you to automate workflows, capture critical details on work orders, and create seamless communication between your team and other departments. You can also create preventative maintenance schedules to ensure routine tasks are always completed as they should be and avoid critical failures. CMMS gives you a 360-degree view of your entire operations from an easy-to-use interface.

How can Incident IQ streamline processes besides maintenance management?

Incident IQ’s suite of solutions, including service desk ticketing, HR help desk ticketing, and asset management, streamlines every aspect of K-12 operations even beyond facilities management. Our school asset management software enables asset tracking, which allows schools to efficiently manage and optimize asset performance throughout their lifecycles. The integration of floor plans and barcode scanning simplifies asset location/retrieval and inventory management. Asset data like warranty details and preventive maintenance schedules can be easily added, reducing manual efforts and reliance on spreadsheets. Our school help desk software solution follows your preferred workflows to automatically route tickets, and enables teams to review asset service histories and quickly resolve service requests, keeping student and faculty devices operational and primed for learning. HR Service Delivery provides an effortless solution for creating and sharing essential forms, and for onboarding new hires. It also provides K-12 teams with a self-service hub so they can easily help themselves or submit an info-packed service ticket for the HR team to review and resolve. Our school event management software allows faculty and staff to reserve rooms, request equipment, automatically launch event preparation workflows, and add their events to a school- or district-wide event calendar, all in one place. And to top it all off, the cloud-based nature of Incident IQ’s solutions and add Incident IQ mobile app allows teams to work tickets in real time and collaborate seamlessly, from anywhere.

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