Distance Learning

Unprecedented IT support for unprecedented times.

A challenging new imperative for school districts is clear — teaching and learning must continue, even when school buildings are closed. Incident IQ is built for K-12, and we’ve made it our focus to support districts in this new era of distance learning.

Asset Management

Keep eyes on every device, even when they’re out of sight.

When class is conducted outside the classroom, IT teams need more information than ever to keep tabs on student learning devices. Incident IQ provides tools that help K-12 IT teams monitor and manage educational technology, even when devices are out of reach.

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Quick Lock

Enable agents to quickly disable or deprovision a Chromebook with Quick Lock.

Remotely disable a lost or stolen Chromebook device and re-enable it in seconds, right from a help ticket. The Google Device integration for Incident IQ helps your team track and manage Chromebook devices with an unparalleled level of visibility and control.

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Help Ticketing

Distance learning means a lot of support tickets. Your district needs a help desk built for the task.

When technology downtime means a child’s access to the classroom is completely cut off, swift resolution is key. Incident IQ features workflows that make it easy for anyone—student, faculty, or parent/guardian easily and securely get help. The platform’s time-saving tools will help IT teams close tickets at scale, minimizing downtime and disruption.

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Remote Support Ticketing

Allow parents and guardians to create help requests with Remote Support Ticketing.

Incident IQ offers users a quick and simple way to submit help requests. With Remote Support Ticketing, districts can expand their help desk, and offer that same Incident IQ support experience to parents and guardians.

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Remote Support Ticketing

“Despite the fact that I can no longer just walk down the hall and get my hands on a device, my average resolution time has dropped from 8 hours to 4 hours…with double the incoming ticket count.”


Detailed data tracking even from a distance.

Accountability is key. Knowing how your teams and technology are performing is critical to staying on top of your distance learning program. Generate in-depth analytics and custom reports across hundreds of different data points.

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Report Sharing

Monitor device usage with live-updating reports.

Use filters to highlight devices that have been inactive within a designated date range. Share reports with team members and partner with instructional leaders for better student support.

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