Distance Learning Analytics

Your district depends on the IT department more than ever. Monitor performance with vital analytics.

When eyes-on verification is made difficult, reliable analytics are vital. Use dozens of data points to drill down and discover how well district technology and support teams are performing.

Ticket Analysis

Know exactly how long it takes to work issues with the Ticket Pipeline.

The Ticket Pipeline analysis breaks down every stage of help request resolution. Use this aggregate data to track average response and resolution time, discover where support bottlenecks exist, and optimize distance-learning support workflows.

Report Sharing

Monitor device usage with live-updating reports.

Use filters to highlight devices that have been inactive within a designated date range. Share reports with team members and partner with instructional leaders for better student support.

Satisfaction Surveys

Provide satisfaction surveys for performance feedback.

Automatically dispatch surveys to users, to gauge satisfaction with district support. Surveys can be sent with every support ticket, or to a randomized sample of users.

Service Level Agreements

Use Service Level Agreements for tickets to monitor support goals.

Track resolution and response time with SLAs. Create custom metrics for granular goals, and select which ticket statuses count against SLA times.


Distance-learning questions you can answer with Incident IQ Analytics.

Use data-driven insights to power better support for teaching and learning.

What are the most frequently-encountered distance learning support issues?

How are student learning devices performing? How is instruction being impacted?

Does staff need better support and training?

Manage assets from a distance with iiQ Assets.

Organized, effective asset management is key to any K-12 technology program. Read on to see the tools that Incident IQ built to support distance learning asset management.

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Work distance learning help requests with iiQ Ticketing.

Help ticketing is a key component of a district’s critical digital infrastructure. Read on to learn more about the help ticketing tools Incident IQ contains to support distance learning.

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