Change Management software built for K-12

K-12 school districts need a simple way to manage and track large-scale changes that can affect an entire district. That’s why we built Change IQ. With an intuitive interface and customizable workflows, districts can quickly get decision-makers on the same page when planning new initiatives.

Build Comprehensive Consensus

Intuitive Simple to use, without sacrificing functionality. Change IQ is both intuitive, and powerful.

Customizable Create custom workflows, and shape change requests to fit your school’s decision-making process.

Collaborative Get sign-off and feedback from stakeholders, and view the change request timeline to track a request’s progress.


Customizable Workflows

Create workflows of varying complexity. Add custom fields to capture all the data decision-makers require. Copy workflows for simple reusability.

Robust Approval Options

Specify approval requirements. Select from single-stage approval, unanimous consent, or majority consent. Create distinct stages of approval for multi-stage approval processes.

Detailed Timeline

Track approvals and see a detailed history of every action taken with the change request timeline.

File Attachments

Drag-and-drop file attachments make it simple to include any necessary documents related to a change request.

Sign off on the go

Review and accept change requests from your mobile device. No login necessary — just tap the link from a Change IQ email to approve, deny, or defer a change request.

What can you do with Change IQ?

Manage Curriculum Changes

Streamline Network Requests

Onboard New Employees

Request New Software

Manage Transportation Requests

Reserve Facilities

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