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Case Study

Venus Independent School District “Finds the Fix” with Incident IQ


Venus ISD is located 25 miles south of Dallas, Texas. The district consists of four campuses—primary through high school. At 2,300 students, Venus ISD is a growing school district, as approximately 100 students a year join the district.

For Daniel Domain, Technology Director at Venus ISD, the 2020 school year changed the game for his technology team of six. The district accelerated their 1:1 deployment in the early days of COVID-19, but the ramifications from their rapid rollout were starting to settle in as student devices were returned to the technology department.

“We had about 250 damaged devices, and no real record of who had owned them during that school year,” Domain says. “The only thing that kept a record of the asset ownership was a spreadsheet, and that’s really hard to keep up with for any district.”

Ineffective asset tracking methods, lack of device accountability, as well as data-deprived device deployment and collection methods only further challenged Venus’ technology team. Domain started searching for the answer to his district’s problems.

“I’m a tech guy, so that means I’m a fixer—it’s what we do,” he explains.

Daniel Domain’s journey eventually took him to a platform that could better manage and assign student devices, as well as provide a detail-rich history for each asset, giving his team more clarity over all the technology assets Venus ISD owned.

Implementing upgraded asset management and help ticketing

Venus ISD onboarded with Incident IQ quickly, looking to make 2021’s asset management run more smoothly than the previous year.

“Already, it was so much easier for my team to track what was going on,” Domain notes.

Inventory reporting with Incident IQ added a new dimension to Venus ISD’s asset management. Once their asset information was imported into Incident IQ, Venus ISD’s technicians saw enhanced data reporting with filters and Custom Views, providing actionable insights that weren’t visible before. Reliable student device information provided Domain’s team a comprehensive view of student assets—who they were assigned to, where they were located, and what condition they were in.

Domain’s team instantly recognized the benefits of combining help ticketing with asset management. The team was able to solve the issue with damaged devices by attaching fees to help tickets and specific devices via Incident IQ’s Fee Tracker app, which brought an extra layer of accountability into Venus ISD’s asset management process.

But it’s not just the IT team that reaps the benefits. Teachers and staff now have a convenient way to submit help tickets for not only their devices, but their students’ devices as well, in just a few clicks.

“Time is very important to a teacher. If it takes less time to put in a ticket than it does to send an email, then that’s what they need,” Domain declares.

In the future, Domain’s team is eager to utilize touchless auditing, which will further decrease year-end inventory surprises. Chromebook districts use automatic verifications to ensure that devices are in working condition prior to collection, in addition to being used by their assigned owners.

“Our workflow is much more concise now, and it’s so easy to use,” Domain says.

Moving to a platform made exclusively for K-12 schools

The biggest transformation for Venus ISD’s workflow wasn’t simply about getting away from disparate recording methods. It was about moving away from using what could work for their district, and moving towards what was made for the needs of their district.

“One of the things that attracted me to Incident IQ was that it was built specifically for schools. You don’t deal with anybody else. You understand what schools need, what schools want, and what our pain points are,” explains Domain.

Incident IQ has advanced, API-driven integrations with leading MDM and SIS platforms used by schools. Additionally, Incident IQ integrates with leading SSO providers and remote assistance platforms. These integrations transformed Venus’ technology workflow and provided technicians with detailed information at their fingertips.

“It integrates with just about everything that we have. We can now pull in information from SCCM, our active directory, Google, and Skyward. Being able to see all of that information is invaluable,” Domain continues.

But detailed asset information is only one benefit that Domain’s team is utilizing. Many of Incident IQ’s features are aimed at improving communication not only for the technology team, but the district as a whole.

“The Screen Recorder app from Incident IQ is huge for us. Now, somebody can put in a ticket and show us what’s going on and exactly what’s happening in a screen recording. We can even send a screen recording back, to show them what to do. It’s an immense help.”

The technology department of Venus ISD “found their fix” when they combined help ticketing and asset management to solve their district’s specific problems. Incident IQ is dedicated to providing flexible tools that let K-12 teams decide what workflow is best for their needs. With dozens of integrations with leading K-12 platforms, flexible deployment and auditing methods, and new enhancements released regularly, Incident IQ is the toolbox to support today’s classrooms.

Are you ready for a system made with districts like yours in mind? Reach out for a demo to learn more about the functionality only Incident IQ provides.