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Case Study

Establishing a “Game-Changing” Asset Management and Help Ticketing Solution for Democracy Prep Public Schools

Case Study: Democracy Prep - Image of school logo and image of staircase in school building

Democracy Prep Public Schools is not your average public school district. Since being established in 2005, Democracy Prep has grown to 24 public charter schools across 5 states.

Jonathan Salcedo, Director of Network Technology, knew that Democracy Prep’s unique situation demanded a better support solution for their asset management and help ticketing needs.

“I was trying to fill in a gap,” explained Salcedo.

Democracy Prep had no existing help desk in place—they worked out of email inboxes and Asana, and that method was far from perfect.

“Tickets were going unanswered because they were getting lost in emails,” said Xochi Cosme, DIrector of Data Support.

It was clear the district needed an efficient workflow platform that gave IT technicians a clear view of their assets and help tickets in one place. The answer? Workflow management tools from Incident IQ.

Creating structure and simplifying workflows

By moving to a dedicated support platform, Democracy Prep saw huge improvements with their help tickets as soon as they onboarded with Incident IQ.

“It really centralizes the communication and requests for support,” Salcedo notes.

“Using project management platforms and emails as a help desk was very overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. Incident IQ centralizes the focus by having all of the requests come into one platform, tracking that, and ensuring that we’re actually responding on time.”

Christina Pagan, Director of Data Strategy and Insights at Democracy Prep, also observed the improvement from working out of inboxes to a customized workflow solution.

“Before, we weren’t able to track who was responding, or who was responsible for what,” Pagan describes.

“But when we came over to Incident IQ, all of that was streamlined. It helped us think about ownership of different work streams, and also let us track and reassign tickets. In the past, there were a lot of times where we would miss tickets or emails. With Incident IQ, that’s less likely.”

Incident IQ’s workflow solution not only clarified what issues were currently being worked on, it created an easier way to organize those issues as soon as the help ticket was submitted.

“All of our teams use automations [from Incident IQ],” Salcedo details.

“The data team uses [Rules Engine] to assign specific tickets to specific reps within their teams, so it really streamlines the workflow when a ticket is submitted for a specific category or issue type. My IT team is a little more complex, so I set up our automations based on location and the specific team, not a specific person. We are definitely using the automation piece to great fidelity.”

“It’s been a game-changer for us,” Pagan agrees. “We’re more organized, since we have a point person for each tool. We’re able to make sure that everyone’s tickets are distributed evenly and aren’t just falling on one person. We couldn’t do that before.”

The visibility into Democracy Prep’s help tickets isn’t just limited to the desktop application. With Incident IQ Mobile, IT teams can manage tickets and assets with a native app for iOS and Android.

“I use it when I’m on-the-go, and if a ticket comes in, I can quickly resolve it,” says Cosme.

“Sometimes I don’t have my computer directly available, but I always have my phone on me. It makes it easier to be able to look up tickets or respond to things.”

As for Democracy Prep’s asset management, Incident IQ’s advanced, API-driven integrations lets technicians work easily with third-party software.

“Our system before was very manual, and it didn’t connect with the Google workspace,” Salcedo recalls. “It wasn’t an automated process where all of the assets were imported into the platform. Whereas with Incident IQ, it connects with the Google workspace domain and imports all of our assets.”

Furthermore, integrations between FileWave (Democracy Prep’s MDM software) and Incident IQ makes it easy to check out devices without switching platforms.

“We can assign devices within Incident IQ,” Salcedo notes.

Democracy Prep also faced a unique challenge with managing their assets between campuses. Democracy Prep’s schools span across several states, and each school has their own distinct rules when it comes to assets; some schools allow students to take devices home, while others won’t let devices leave the building. It was crucial for Democracy Prep’s asset management system to have clear visibility over the location and status of each school’s devices.

To help eliminate confusion, Salcedo decided to narrow the focus for Democracy Prep’s Operations Managers.

“We can control who has access and who can view which assets. Now, I can give Operations Managers access to view all the assets assigned to their specific location. It reduces the burden on the IT team that way.”

With Incident IQ, IT teams can create specific views, filters, and rules for the individual needs of their district’s workflow.

Improve K-12 IT support with a unified platform

Democracy Prep needed a support solution with an asset management system and a help ticketing workflow that clarified what issues the technology team was facing and which agents were resolving them.

Incident IQ’s platform unlocks that complete IT support experience for Democracy Prep.

“There’s a lot more visibility and transparency with Incident IQ,” Pagan concludes. “I think it’s helped a lot with our customer service and being able to serve our schools.”

Is your district looking to take asset management and help ticketing to the next level? Schedule a time to talk with us, or visit our on-demand video library to see the tools that could help your K-12 IT team. Incident IQ is committed to providing superior support for today’s school districts.