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Top 10 Chromebook Cases for K-12 Student Devices

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Chromebooks are, by far, one of the most popular edtech devices to take on the go, and we can see the reason why. Chromebooks offer substantial security features and affordable prices, which explains how 40 million devices are found in classrooms worldwide.

But even a great product isn’t immune to the challenges of K-12 education. Chromebooks can still be damaged by the hustle and bustle of taking the devices in and out of classrooms (especially when it involves young learners), so we always recommend taking extra precautions whenever possible.

That’s why we compiled our list of the top 10 best Chromebook cases. From price points to personal style, we’ll walk you through different options for that extra layer of protection for your district’s Chromebooks.

Top 10 Chromebook Cases For Students

10. iPearl mCover

Price: $17.99

Made in the USA, iPearl laptop cases offer shatter-proof protection in a variety of colors. These cases are hard shells, and are easy to install. 

This is one of the more affordable covers, but it still provides adequate protection. One reviewer wrote, “Considering the low price of the iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case, I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal if I disliked it. [But] It has ended up exceeding my expectations.”

9. Otterbox Ottershell Always-On Case

Price: $29.95

Otterbox has earned its brand recognition for protective designs, and this case is no different. Users can enjoy a slim case that is made for prolonged wear and tear. The Ottershell is composed of five layers of material that safeguard devices from falls and regular wear-and-tear. 

One Amazon reviewer gave the Ottershell five stars, saying, “This is the perfect Chromebook case for my 7th grader now that they’re not allowed to have backpacks to class. It holds the Chromebook inside very nicely and has a no skid base for when it’s opened on the desk.”

8. GumDrop SlimTech Case

Price: $39.95

GumDrop makes its second appearance on the list with the SlimTech case. With a slight dip in price comes a decrease in drop protection—from 6 feet with the Softshell case to a 3-foot drop protection with SlimTech.

However, the SlimTech has a thoughtful transparent material, which makes asset tags clearly visible from within the safety of the case. On top of that convenient factor, SlimTech cases are still thin enough to fit into any charging cart, and gives easy access to all laptop ports.

7. Arvok Neoprene Laptop Case

Price: $11.09

Arvoks are a great cost-effective tool to safeguard district assets. The soft cases are thick enough to protect Chromebooks from sudden drops, and they’re also slim enough to easily fit into Chromebook carts. Reviewers appreciate Arvok Neoprene cases for quality fabric and variety of available colors to choose from.

6. Gumdrop SoftShell Chromebook case

Price: $59.99

Six foot drops won’t scare your district’s IT team when they have Gumdrop cases. This soft case is a combination of rugged and high impact materials that protects Chromebooks from corner falls and scratches from daily use.

Bonus: it’s super lightweight, so it won’t weigh down a student’s backpack too much.

5. V Voova Protective Sleeve with Handle

Price: $15.56

V Voova is a hybrid case, which blends a hard outer shell and a soft and snug inner lining. This case also features 2 front zip pockets, a retractable handle, and waterproof fabric. V Voova cases are a great choice for students or staff members that need some extra organization and storage.

Additionally, V Voova is one of the more fashionable forms of Chromebook protection—offering up to 9 different colors.

4. Rugged Hard Shell CaseAcer Chromebook Spin 11

Price: $49.99

This rugged case was built with K-12 districts in mind. “Designed for dynamic school environments,” this case has maximum drop protection and offers a clear shell that allows K-12 staff to easily read and scan asset tags. 

3. iBenzer Stay-In 2.0

Price: $33.99

iBenzer cases provide a trusty combination of a lightweight case with an impact-resistant, durable outer layer. It is also outfitted with a removable, padded shoulder strap, ample room for accessories, and includes micro clips that securely fasten to Chromebooks.

And in the wise words of one parent: “It stands up to 10-year-old boy abuse and keeps his Chromebook safe. Would recommend.”

2.  UZBL Always-On Slim Chromebook with Pouch

Price: $59.99

While this is one of the most expensive cases on the list, there are key features that make UZBLs a worthwhile investment. It’s touted as “the ultimate universal Chromebook case,” with maximum drop and shock protection, convenient carrying handles, a shoulder strap, and encased in a long-lasting fabric.

One review called out its use for edtech devices specifically: “An exceptional product for protecting my son’s school-issued HP G6. The case looks nice and I’ve already been asked where I got it from for my son. Highly recommend!”

1. Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Laptop Case

Price: $28.99

Hard shell cases are a great way to protect student devices from a variety of possible incidents. Nacuwa’s hard shell exterior offers padded impact and drop protection, which helps stop devices being damaged from falls, and the hard, rubberlike padding internally safeguards devices within the case itself.  

In fact, one reviewer raves about its durability: “The Nacuwa case is like an armored tank. I bought it to protect my Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 Chromebook. It has an 11.6 inch screen and fits like a glove…Great protection for a computer.”

Do More For Your District’s Chromebooks

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