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Edmonds school district case study

How Edmonds School District Empowered Their IT Technicians to “Become Superheroes” with Asset Management from Incident IQ

Edmonds school district case study


Edmonds School District is one of the top ten largest districts in Washington state. Currently, Edmonds teaches approximately 21,000 students between 34 schools, which range from pre-K to high school—and that’s a lot of students and technology to oversee for Jordan Suver’s technology team. 

Edmonds’ previous asset management system was described as something akin to “an in-house program made of duct tape and paper clips.” In other words, it was a system built to work with most of Edmonds’ technology needs, but it wasn’t nearly as effective or intuitive as the district desired.

Jordan Suver, the Technology Projects Coordinator, reached out to other districts around Edmonds to get an idea of what systems worked well for other schools. He was largely interested in improving Edmonds’ asset management, but he was also looking for a new ticketing system with fewer end user challenges. 

“The districts I spoke to sung Incident IQ’s praises,” Jordan recounts. 

Equipped with a detailed list of Edmonds’ tech needs, Jordan started working with Incident IQ to see if they were a fit. 

“I can happily say that Incident IQ checked every single box that we were looking for between asset management, ticketing, the whole database for user profiles—all of it. It checked every box we were looking for and then some.”

After a brief implementation period, Edmonds School District was ready to dive into a whole new platform for IT support.

Implementing asset management with Incident IQ

When Edmonds rolled out asset management with Incident IQ in September 2021, there was still a huge amount of flux going on within their district. They had recently come off a year of completely remote schooling and were looking forward to in-person learning again, but Jordan quickly found out how Incident IQ’s asset management helped save time for the tech team during student device deployment.

“I believe we were able to deploy over 6,000 Chromebooks in a week with near 100% accuracy because of Incident IQ,” Jordan recalls. 

“The fact that we have so much information finally flowing into one place is so helpful. Before, we didn’t even have a great tool to search for users. The [Users Explorer] tool from Incident IQ alone has saved me, specifically, hours at the beginning of the school year.”

Jordan’s team was further able to save time and resources when they worked with Incident IQ directly to overcome an API challenge from their previous asset system.

“We ran into this issue where we had this built-in system for checking in teacher laptops,” Jordan explains.

“Because of the way our Program Developer had set everything up, we had some hard-quoted rules where we had to use a certain API. Incident IQ was able to collaborate with us and get our system to work flawlessly. We didn’t have a loss of quality in our system or anything. It just goes to show that Incident IQ’s customer service is, in my opinion, second to none.”

Furthermore, Incident IQ empowered Edmonds to work quickly and efficiently with handy integrations. Our advanced, API-driven integration with Google Devices let Jordan’s team move devices into different organizational units without toggling between platforms.

“When we deploy Chromebooks out to schools, we put them into organizational units within Google Admin [console],” Jordan explains. “That basically determines the permission levels for a certain grade of a student. So that way, a first grade student doesn’t get the permissions to go on YouTube like a 12th grader does.”

After just their first semester with asset management from Incident IQ, Edmonds School District saw an immediate difference in their technology workflow.

Saving money with Incident IQ

For Edmonds, it’s fairly normal for IT technicians to oversee about 2,000 students at each school, which means that each tech is overseeing around $1 million in assets.

“Because we’re dealing with a large sum of money, we promise to be good stewards of taxpayer money and show that we keep track of our devices. We don’t need devices leaving or going missing. Because of Incident IQ and all the data we’re able to have in one place, the ability for us to track assets has improved substantially,” Jordan details.

Asset management with Incident IQ lets technicians get a bird’s-eye view of every asset in their district, with detailed information about location, status, device ownership, device history, and more. This level of information at the tech team’s fingertips allows Edmonds to be even better stewards for the taxpayer as they work with an accurate record of technological assets.

“Thanks to Incident IQ, our loss and damages are significantly lower than they would’ve been otherwise,” Jordan continues.

Streamline work with enhanced asset management

Jordan and the team at Edmonds have had to work quickly to adapt in the last few years, but having comprehensive tools that were built expressly for K-12 districts has allowed them to flourish.

“Our techs have a one-stop shop now, more or less. Everything they need is in one location, which really makes it easier and more efficient. Having everything in one system—ticketing, assets, users, location, data, all of that—allows our system to work more seamlessly.”

From deploying devices, categorizing and filtering assets, and more, Edmonds has enough asset management help to move forward and do more for their teachers and students.

“It’s enabling our techs to become superheroes. It’s really, really awesome,” Jordan says. 

“And our teaching staff is ecstatic. That customer service, down the line, how this affects them, they’ve been nothing but super appreciative about all the magic we can pull off.”

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