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Top 6 CMMS Myths Busted – Optimize School Facilities with Incident IQ

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In today’s competitive landscape, keeping your operations running smoothly is paramount. Enter the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), a software solution designed to streamline maintenance tasks and optimize asset performance. Yet, despite its proven benefits, many schools remain hesitant due to lingering myths.

Let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions about CMMS and shed light on the true potential it holds for your organization:

Myth #1: Getting started in a CMMS is just too much work

Busted! This is one we hear time and again at Incident IQ and, the fact is, if you have a provider who is experienced in helping customers get up and running quickly with software that is easy to use, then it’s really not that hard. Hear from our customers directly on getting their team up and running:

Plus, the positive impact of a CMMS can be seen almost immediately. Improved organization, streamlined workflows, and better communication lead to reduced downtime, extended asset life, and ultimately, increased profitability.

Myth #2: It’s hard to get a team to adopt technology – especially older workers

Busted! Modern CMMS platforms prioritize user experience. They are designed with intuitive interfaces and readily available online resources, making them easy to learn and navigate for teams with varying technical backgrounds. And we’ve had customers tell us just how good adoption has been since implementing Incident IQ:

Myth #3: There’s no return on investment (ROI) with a CMMS

Busted! Many think paying money for a system that’s the “same” as paper or spreadsheets doesn’t make sense. Well if it was exactly the same as paper, they might be right. But a modern CMMS like Incident IQ is far from the days of spreadsheets and paper and shows a return on your investment by helping you shift from reactive to preventative maintenance, speeding response time, and automating manual tasks. Listen to one customer on the impact transitioning from paper has had:

Not to mention, the State of Our Schools study from 2021 cited a massive ROI on investing in a CMMS. According to that report, just implementing a smarter, more efficient facilities management system can reduce the entire US’ PK-12 school facilities funding gap by as much as $28 billion per year! Don’t believe us? Check out the data: Report Findings: The State of our Schools Infographic

Myth #4: We don’t have budget for a CMMS

Busted! By providing a clear picture of your system’s current inefficiencies and their associated costs, coupled with a realistic projection of the ROI from a CMMS, you can build a strong case for this valuable investment. Especially when it comes to hidden costs like lost productivity due to downtime, wasted technician time due to disorganized work orders, and unnecessary parts purchases due to poor inventory management, a CMMS can find ways to pay for itself! Learn just how effective Incident IQ can be for improving reporting and decision-making with leadership:

Myth #5: Once a company sells you on their software, they don’t support you

Busted! Incident IQ prides itself on the support services we provide behind our software. We provide real, human support via chat or phone, a self-service portal for instructional guides and best practices, a customer community hub for discussion, best practices, news, and events, as well as onsite training. Our comprehensive support system helps teachers and staff with everything they need to know to get started on the Incident IQ platform in multiple formats for different learning styles and preferences. Our Customer Success team is more than just tech support, they proactively guide customers every step of the way with an understanding of what works for K-12 clients.

Myth #6: There’s no benefit to connecting IT, Facilities, and Event Management

Busted! Imagine a scenario where your IT department seamlessly collaborates with facilities and events teams, all through a centralized system. This is the power of connecting different departments. An integrated approach unlocks a multitude of benefits by creating a collaborative and data-driven environment: it fosters better communication, optimizes event management, and ultimately leads to a more efficient and cost-effective operation for your entire organization.

For example, a teacher comes in to find the WiFi is out in their classroom, so they enter a ticket for IT. When IT comes out to investigate, they discover the router is working but the power outlet is not. The ticket is passed to the Facilities team to fix, which they do. Power is restored and the internet is back in time for lessons. Thanks to integration across teams, the teacher didn’t have to submit multiple requests because they could depend on support teams to share information as needed. In order to ensure good service management, we need to make it easy on requesters and break down silos between teams. A system that connects critical teams like IT and Facilities is one way to achieve that.

Event management is another area that crosses different departments and takes a good deal of coordination to pull off, so a system that streamlines logistics is ideal. By having a single system that intakes reservations and can automate tickets to the IT and Facilities Departments no detail is forgotten, and things get done on time.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your school operations?

By embracing a CMMS and debunking these common myths, you can empower your team, optimize the life of your assets, and enhance your learning environment. Consider exploring the wide range of Incident IQ solutions available and find what best suits your specific needs. Remember, a CMMS is simply a powerful tool waiting to be utilized!