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Downers Grove Revamps Their Facilities Workflow with a Unified Platform

Moving Out of Physical Facility Ticketing 

Downers Grove School District 58 teaches over 5,000 students from preschool through eighth grade. Their district encompasses fourteen schools centered in Downers Grove, Illinois, and has a Buildings and Grounds team composed of a Director, Assistant Director, four mechanics, and fifty custodians.  

Geoff Neustadt, the Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds for District 58, has certainly seen many workflow changes come and go in his time with the district. He recalls his not-so-distant past working with multiple carbon copy tickets to get work orders completed.

“When I first started as a mechanic, we would write on a carbon copy and get work tickets sent over. And we had cases and cases of these paper, carbon-copied work tickets,” Neustadt notes.

This low-tech style of facility tickets carried him all the way until 2017, when Downers Grove switched to Google Sheets and Google Forms to relay any facility-related tickets. The system—while more convenient than previous pen-and-paper techniques—still lacked visibility and organization.

“I would get a pop-up or email on a spreadsheet, check the spreadsheet, take the information, cut and paste it into my homemade work order paper, and then print those out and send them out to the mechanics for the work,” Neustadt recounts.

“I did have the ability in the Google sheet to close out a ticket once it was completed or add notes, but even just saying those steps out loud seems crazy compared to what we’re able to do now.”

With those lessons under his belt, Neustadt began searching for a new solution for his facility needs—but he didn’t have to look far. 

“Our tech department at District 58 uses incident IQ for their IT workflows. So we thought it would make a lot of sense to have a very similar product for both work ticket groups,” Neustadt explains. “Sharing the capabilities of this platform between the Tech team and Buildings and Grounds was really enticing to us.”

Now that Downers Grove has implemented their first dedicated facility and maintenance  workflow solution, it didn’t take long for staff to see immediate improvements in their day-to-day duties using Incident IQ’s tools.


Connecting Facilities to a Unified District Support Platform

With Incident IQ, Neustadt was able to oversee all the facilities tickets that were submitted, in addition to a whole new layer of communication and visibility that hadn’t been possible using their older methods.

“It’s been very helpful for us,” he says. “As soon as I start working, I know where the team is and what work they’re doing. My boss can look up to see if Mechanic A at Kingsley School completed his job at eight o’clock today. Previously, that was not an option for us. Even though the Facility ticketing spreadsheet was shared, there was no designation to see who had gone where, or how long a ticket took to complete.”

Neustadt also found it easier than ever to follow up on tickets that were in danger of being overlooked. 

“We use ticket followers so certain stakeholders can keep track of tickets and have [updates] in their inbox, no matter what department they’re in. That way they could see the ticket was submitted, and check for any updates about the issue.”

Another huge benefit for facilities teams working with Incident IQ is the mobile app, available with iOS and Android. Incident IQ Mobile was a great way for staff to view and submit work orders as they went about their other daily duties. 

“When I’m walking around one of our buildings, I use Incident IQ Mobile a lot,” Neustadt claims. “I can just snap a picture and then load it right into the ticket from the phone. It’s helpful to have something right on my phone to submit a quick ticket.”


But above all else, Neustadt has seen the most improvement with communication between District 58’s Facilities and IT team. 

“We had a pretty common problem come up during the pandemic,” Neustadt notes, “when everyone was still at home and the student’s machines were vital to their education—Facilities and IT really had to work together to redistribute working iPads while staying safe.”

Incident IQ’s real-time asset management was a key part in keeping both teams in the loop as both teams worked to switch out student devices.

“The communication was vital for us, both for our department and IT. Incident IQ was successful in getting more asset and ticket information for both of us to work with.”

Put Your District on the Same Page

At Incident IQ, we know the value of your district speaking the same language across every department. From Facilities, asset management, help ticketing, and HR, we’re dedicated to supporting your district with solutions built exclusively for K-12. . 

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