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Coweta’s Frictionless Onboarding with Incident IQ


Coweta Public School teaches over 3,500 students in northeast Oklahoma. When Michael Carter joined the K-12 district as their new Director of Information Technology, he knew he needed to take Coweta’s asset management and help ticketing to a new level.

At the time, Coweta’s IT workflow was hampered by inefficient Chromebook tracking through disparate spreadsheets and email ticketing, which led to service blindspots. The disconnected nature of these systems was not only a headache, but a major challenge when it came to reporting and analytics.

“We’re a small staff. We have six people in the IT department, and we’re coming off of a homegrown system,” Carter explains.

“Looking at all these spreadsheets, databases, pieces of paper—when I thought about the prospect of pulling all this information together for audit or compliance purposes, I got nightmares about it.”

Enter Incident IQ, the workflow management platform that combines help ticketing and asset management for K-12 school districts. 

As part of their mission to improve K-12 support workflows, Incident IQ integrates with K-12 MDM and SIS platforms using API endpoints. These advanced integrations combine detailed asset histories, hardware data, and ticketing information in a single pane of glass. 

“Geez, Incident IQ is my fourth ticketing system, and it’s light-years removed from where I was,” Carter remarks. “Our last system didn’t move forward quick enough. But Incident IQ was where we needed it to be to [make the decision]. The interface was cleaner, the system was more intuitive, and it was very quick to onboard.”

Onboarding a dedicated asset management and help ticketing solution

Coweta began onboarding in March 2022, and Michael Carter requested a fast-paced implementation schedule to meet his department’s goals.

“I know the school year’s just ending, and the idea of bringing on our new product at the end of the school year seems counterintuitive,” Carter says, “but we wanted to hit the ground running for issuing devices and ticketing for the 2022/2023 school year. We wanted to give our trusted advisors a taste of the product and give us some feedback before we fine-tuned it in the summer.” 

Incident IQ worked with Coweta to get going quickly—while still ensuring that their onboarding process maintained a high standard of quality along the way.

“On our first call, I asked our specialist how quickly we could get this moving,” recalls Carter. “She was very open and upfront with us, and I appreciated that.”

With a short timeline in mind, the Customer Implementation Specialists at Incident IQ kicked off Coweta’s onboarding with a clear goal: get Coweta up to speed—fast.

The first step for Coweta’s IT team was to import all of their district data into Incident IQ. It sounded like a daunting task at first, but Michael Carter was shocked at how manageable the process was. 

“It was quick and easy!” says Carter.

“One of the fantastic things about Incident IQ is that not only were we able to control that asset and manual import, but it’s able to tie in with Google, which is awesome. [Getting] the SIS, PowerSchool, and student and staff information [into Incident IQ] was super easy and powerful.”

But as many K-12 IT teams know, there are a number of other assets that a district needs to track and manage. For Coweta, they needed a tool that could ingest asset data beyond Chromebooks.

“[Incident IQ’s] data validation tool for the import process is so [versatile],” says Carter. “It looks at all of that data and gives you opportunities to clean it up. It wasn’t a back-and-forth, back-and-forth process.”

As for the help ticketing side of Incident IQ, the onboarding team walked Coweta’s IT team through common processes and solutions other K-12 districts established within the system.

“[Our representative] showed us how some other districts set up their processes, and that was eye-opening,” Carter says.

Carter’s team especially responded to the way help tickets and FAQs are tied together within Incident IQ. If a user tries to submit a ticket that is linked to a Knowledge Base article detailing the issue and its solution, a custom field can be applied that asks the end user if that article resolved the problem. The goal of this is to have the end user look into resolving the issue on their own, thereby reducing the amount of work for IT teams.

“We all love this,” says Carter.

“It’s always hard to tell how much your FAQs or Knowledge Base are actually deflecting tickets, but this gives you a way to say, ‘Hey, here’s the exact answer you may be looking for.’ And [with Incident IQ], you do have analytics on that, which is super cool.”

Overall, Incident IQ has equipped Coweta’s IT department with the reporting and analytical tools they need.

“Incident IQ allows us to have better visibility, an easier interface, and [we’re able] to report back to the principal about how their site is doing, how their students are doing. I mean, there are so many implications and opportunities beyond what you would get from an Excel spreadsheet.”

And most importantly, Incident IQ was able to onboard Coweta Public Schools according to their accelerated timeline and specific district initiatives, ensuring that every aspect was ready to go by day one.

“This solution lets us change people’s days,” Carter says. “Rather than dreading the end of the year, or the beginning of the school year, we have something that people are excited about.”

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