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Connecting IT and Maintenance Support at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District


Eagle Mountain-Saginaw is located just north of Fort Worth, Texas. The public school district teaches approximately 22,000 students across 29 different buildings and campuses. 

Kirk Murdock, the Senior Technology Officer at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw, is part of the 14 IT technicians that manage the district’s technology infrastructure. Eagle Mountain-Saginaw implemented their 1:1 program in 2020, so Murdock’s team oversees thousands of devices both inside and outside of the classroom environment.

“We realized in the spring of 2020 that the solution we had for managing all those student devices was not getting it done for us,” Murdock recalls. “We needed something to do a better job with asset tracking and inventory, honestly.”

But their department was not only in their search for a better support platform. The maintenance department reached out to Murdock to see if they could collaborate on a new solution for both IT technicians and the maintenance team. 

“They needed a more robust ticketing solution too. It ended up killing two birds with one stone, so to speak,” Murdock explains. “We have a lot of carryover between our two departments. It was a no-brainer to make sure [Operations] had a say in what we were going to choose as a group.” 

Combining powerful help ticketing, asset management, and maintenance work orders was the way forward for Eagle Mountain-Saginaw. Working with Incident IQ dramatically improved their productivity by putting their support teams on the same page.


Enhancing visibility and end user experience with a unified platform

“When we were evaluating what our new solution was going to be, one of the priorities we had was that both our teams could work together on the same platform,” Murdock continues.

It’s not uncommon for maintenance teams to have a completely different mode of collecting work orders than the technology team. From pen-and-paper to a different login portal altogether, maintenance teams are often siloed by their tools, which can hinder users from filing work orders and help tickets correctly. 

“We felt strongly that our end user needed to go to one place and say, ‘This is my problem.’ We wanted the solution to determine whether [the help ticket] went to us or to them,” Murdock says. 

Simplifying the end user experience was a fast and easy way to ensure that the issue went to the correct team, while also ensuring that the problem was recorded for accurate reporting later on.

“If they have to spend more than five seconds to find out where a ticket needs to go, they’re not going to enter a ticket,” Murdock explains. “They’re just going to say ‘Forget this,’ and call somebody. So that was a high priority for us—to have a simple, one-stop shop for the end user.” 

Murdock found that not only did Incident IQ streamline the process for the end user, it also improved the visibility and communication for other key stakeholders in the district.  

“Before, our data was independent. We had to use our SCCM, InTune, CompuTrace, and Active Directory data—and a bunch of other things—to try and put [a report] together,” Murdock recalls.

“Now, Incident IQ lets us do that from one pane of glass, and makes it really easy to view things.”

Murdock’s team has even trained campus administrators to use Incident IQ, which has added an extra layer of tech support that eases the burden for the IT team.

“A student can come up to them and say, ‘I lost my laptop,’ but a campus administrator can pull up all the data on the device and go, ‘Well, you were using it this morning,’ or they can see that another student’s ID was attached to the device from today’s login.”

In fact, Chromebook districts that use Incident IQ can use automatic verifications to determine whether devices are being used by their assigned owners. 

“They can look up who the kid is and track the device down,” explains Murdock. “Chromebooks look exactly the same, so we have a lot of things like that happen. Having all that extra data has been really helpful for us.”


Improving workflows across the district with Incident IQ

For Eagle Mountain-Saginaw, their district works best when it has every piece of data readily available for their technicians. Murdock’s team frequently adapts to quick changes regarding students and their devices, so maintaining an accurate record of assets and their statuses is vital to the IT team’s workflow. 

“We’re a growing district, so we’ll have an elementary school that will add five or six kids over the course of a week,” says Murdock. 

“We’ve created some different views so that every week I can track device movement. I make sure that we’ve got the right number of devices at each campus.”

As for the maintenance team, they’ve also been able to use tools from Incident IQ that fit into their unique workflows. 

“They’ve been able to make adjustments for how their ticketing [workflow] actually works,” continues Murdock. “They’re excited by it.” 

And both maintenance and IT have benefitted from Incident IQ’s custom dashboards, which shows the data that matters most to users as soon as they log in. 

“It’s so easy for me and the Operations Directors to make sure things are getting accomplished quickly. They can see if there are any trends, like if one area is receiving a lot of tickets. It’s easy for us to look at the dashboard and go, ‘What’s going on there?’”

“Before, agents just had a list of tickets,” Murdock recalls. “It didn’t remind them that they paused a ticket 90 days ago. Now agents can see what is bubbling to the top of their list and the system reminds them about aging tickets every time they log on.”

Combining help ticketing with asset management across the district provides K-12 IT teams with advanced functionality and a better workflow experience. 

“The benefits of Incident IQ have been numerous, for us. The workflow is a lot smarter, and it saves us a lot of time getting the ticket to the right person,” says Murdock. 

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