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The Advantages of Establishing Student-Run Tech Support Teams

In a small town in Massachusetts, Burlington Public Schools faced an ambitious 1:1 program. The year was 2011, so the age of frequent 1:1 device initiatives was still in the future, but Burlington Public Schools was looking for creative ways to get tablets in the hands of students and teachers who k ...

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Top 3 Essentials for Standardized K-12 Help Tickets

Help desk software is an essential part of today’s K-12 IT support. For any newbies to the K-12 IT scene, a help desk refers to the portal where end users (students, staff, parents, et cetera) request help support. As Capterra points out, “help desk software can make [technicians’] jobs easier ...

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The Benefits of Interoperability for K-12 IT Support

There is a word that’s commonly used in IT support circles—interoperability. Interoperability refers to the ability for IT systems and software to intelligently exchange and use information, which is the goal for today’s budget-strained K-12 IT support teams. Nowadays, it’s costly to have in ...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Asset Metadata and Histories Are Integral to K-12 Asset Management

Here’s a somewhat staggering fact for our K-12 IT folks out there—thanks to the demand of edtech tools in the present classroom environment, the K-12 education technology industry is currently valued to reach $56,490,000 by 2026. That’s a whopping 79% increase in valuation from 2019, due to th ...

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Executing 1:1 Initiatives: Best Practices for K-12 Schools

Over the past several years, 1:1 initiatives have taken K-12 schools by storm. Students now have equitable access to computers, tablets, and digital resources that let them take their education far beyond the front and back pages of a physical textbook. It all sounds great—and it is—however, exe ...

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6 Challenges of Homegrown Inventory Management (and Why Your District’s Is Likely To Fail)

“Fine, I’ll just do it myself.” If you work in IT, this thought has likely crossed your mind at some point. It can be incredibly frustrating when it seems like you’re the only person who knows how something needs to be done, but you don’t have the resources or support y ...

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Stretch Your School Budget: Creative Solutions for K-12 IT Teams

How far can you stretch a dollar? School districts constantly ask themselves this, and it’s especially true for K-12 IT teams. If your school district lacks the funds to support your IT department properly, then you’ll have to get resourceful—but that’s always easier said than do ...

5 Considerations When Choosing K-12 Help Desk Software|self-service help desk|help desk chat thread|help desk workflow automation|help desk analytics
5 Considerations When Choosing K-12 Help Desk Software

The help desk software you choose is going to dictate a lot of what your day-to-day responsibilities look like as an IT professional in K-12. Without workflow automations, you’ll be stuck assigning tasks and responding to tickets manually. Without views and filters, all your tickets get lumped tog ...

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4 Tips for Finding the Best SIS for Your School District

Each year, millions of students enter and exit K-12—and it’s up to your school district to make sure their student data stays organized year-over-year from kindergarten through high school graduation. Between their grades, teachers, assigned homeroom, academic history, transcripts, attendance re ...