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7 Work Order Templates for Your K-12 School  

K-12 schools need an organized team to ensure a smooth and successful educational experience for students—and having a ticketing system can help. Work order ticketing provides necessary details for team members to complete their tasks, sorting and prioritizing requests by level of importance, orde ...

The Advantages of Establishing Student-Run Tech Support Teams

See how establishing a student-run tech team can help your district resolve help requests.

The Benefits of a Unified K-12 IT Support Platform

Inefficient IT systems cost K-12 districts time, money, and energy. Read this blog to see how interoperable solutions streamline K-12 support workflows.

Illustration of a girl crying while looking at her Chromebook's broken screen
Chromebook Repair: How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Broken Chromebook Screen

Whether they get dropped on the bus, knocked off a desk during class, or stepped on by a younger sibling at home, there are plenty of opportunities for Chromebook screens to get damaged. A broken screen makes it difficult for students to get their work done, and when multiple devices have screen iss ...

Illustration of a man and woman working on an oversized screen to check off various tasks and items.
8-Step Project Plan for Rolling Out a Help Desk Ticketing System

The success of your K-12 IT support team often comes down to how well students and faculty make use of your help desk. You might launch your help desk at the start of the year and assume that all your support requests will be managed effortlessly. Unfortunately, without a proper project plan, your n ...

Illustration of a woman with a computer and a man signing a document.
Understanding SLAs: Definitions and Examples to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Transparency is vital to building trust with customers, and using service level agreements (SLAs) is an effective way for support teams to set customer expectations for help requests. They provide clarity as to how problems will be addressed and how quickly your team will be able to resolve them. An ...

Illustration of a robot holding a folder or checklist, standing next to a large computer.
Ticket Triage: 6 Tips to Build a Seamless Support Workflow

Two tickets arrive at your help desk at exactly the same moment, both claiming to be urgent. How do you decide which ticket to address first? If you’re doing it yourself, you’d dig into the details of each ticket. Who’s requesting, what the issue is, who is being directly affected in the momen ...

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What is a Trouble Ticket System?

A trouble ticket system is a manual or digitized tool for connecting students, teachers, parents and staff with someone who can help them resolve a problem. Most commonly, K-12 districts utilize help desk ticketing software that streamlines the issue reporting and solutions processes, creates faster ...

Top Complaint Management Software for 2023

No matter how seamlessly your district runs, there will always be criticism. K-12 support is no different —  it’s important for students, staff, and parents/guardians to have some way to file complaints so their issues can be fully addressed.  Read on to find out our recommendations fo ...