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Closing gaps identified by the State of Our Schools Report

Find out how technology can help close the funding gap and radically improve your facilities infrastructure management, guided by data from the 2021 State of Our Schools Report.

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7 Work Order Templates for Your K-12 School  

K-12 schools need an organized team to ensure a smooth and successful educational experience for students—and having a ticketing system can help. Work order ticketing provides necessary details for team members to complete their tasks, sorting and prioritizing requests by level of importance, orde ...

Illustration of two facilities managers auditing educational assets
Conducting an Education Facility Audit

Though many parts of a school are indelible – memories and friendships made, lives shaped, championships won – school facilities themselves are susceptible to wear and tear like any other structure.  Maintaining clean, safe environments for students and staff is a key way that facil ...

Use Cases: Community Use of Public School Facilities

It’s no secret that public school budgets often run tight, but most people – even those working in the education industry – may not appreciate the magnitude of the issue. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute recently called for an overhaul of public education funding.  Until hel ...

Why invest in a CMMS? 

This helpful infographic shows just how much you can benefit from investing in a CMMS for your facilities management.

Complete K-12 Preventive Maintenance Checklist
The Complete K-12 Preventive Maintenance Checklist 

Maintaining a thriving educational environment takes more than inspired classroom decorations (although those are important, too). Keeping up with day-to-day maintenance activities and endless clean-ups can leave facilities personnel stretched thin – let alone keeping track of preventive maint ...

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Better facilities management with interactive asset mapping

Streamlined facilities management with interactive asset mapping. From efficient onboarding to project planning, digital maps in Incident IQ's CMMS can elevate productivity, minimizing oversights and knowledge loss. Enhance your approach to streamlined operations.

Selecting and Implementing a Maintenance Ticketing System
Selecting and Implementing a Maintenance Ticketing System

Efficient maintenance operations aren’t just a necessity for industrial giants or high-tech firms. They’re a game-changer across the board, including sectors like educational institutions and universities. The right maintenance ticketing system can transform the controlled chaos of maintenance r ...

How to Conduct a School Facilities Assessment and Analyze the Results

Usually, it’s students and teachers who are most concerned about assessments. But when a master planning or school district facility planning process involves a school facility condition assessment, school and district leaders might find themselves feeling the pressure.  Whether reviewing pri ...