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Illustration of a man leaning over a master plan that looks like a treasure map.
How to Create a Comprehensive School Facilities Master Plan

Providing students with safe facilities that are conducive to learning is one of the most important facility management goals for school leaders. A school facilities master plan allows you to look at the big picture and evaluate facilities projects that have already been completed, are currently und ...

Illustration of two people standing next to stacks of coins and an upward trending graph line.
Maximizing Your Facilities Budget: A 4-Step Guide for School Facilities Managers

School administrators and facilities managers have to handle many stressful aspects of school system operations, and financial management ranks high on the list. Leaders not only have to find school funding for staffing, supplies, and important initiatives, but also for maintenance processes, which ...

Illustration of a man looking at a laptop, surrounded by several laptop screens.
6 Best Practices for Supervising K-12 School Maintenance Tasks

The day-to-day activities that bring public school classrooms to life aren’t possible without regular school maintenance. Without it, equipment failures, broken technology, and dangerous conditions disrupt classrooms. The result: teachers are left without the resources they need. Worse, schools ma ...

Illustration of a magnifying glass looking at playground details.
School Playground Safety Inspection Checklist for K-12 Admins & Facilities Managers

School playgrounds provide children with an opportunity to engage in physical activity and play during recess and other breaks. Play is essential for children’s physical, social, and cognitive development, helping them to build strong bodies, develop gross and fine motor skills, and improve co ...

Illustration of a woman surrounded by and pointing at several charts.
Should Your School Outsource Facilities Management?

Energy use, health and safety, assets, building occupancy, cleaning and maintenance—these are all just a few of the core business areas that fall under the umbrella of facilities management. With such a variety of tasks to oversee, many school districts outsource some or all of these responsibilit ...

7 Ways to Streamline School Events: A Guide for Admins & Facilities Staff

Unlock the secrets to planning and executing successful school events with this comprehensive guide.

A K-12 Janitor with cleaning supplies
School Cleaning Checklist for K-12 Janitorial Staff

Learn how you can create templates for your cleaning routine and the assignment of tasks.

Should You Outsource School Custodial Services?

Check out this blog to see if your school district would benefit from outsourcing school janitorial work.

Summer Maintenance Checklist: How To Prepare Your School Facilities for the New School Year

Make the most of your summer break with this comprehensive guide to efficiently managing and executing essential maintenance tasks.