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Smarter Asset Management with iiQ Facilities’ Asset Depreciation Features

Addressing Aging School Infrastructure With aging school infrastructure, stretching asset life and understanding how to address replacements are top of mind for Facilities teams. It’s risky to allow major equipment to run to failure when children’s learning is at stake. Keeping an eye on the big ...

7 Steps to Successful School Event Planning: A Guide for Admins & Facilities Staff

Unlock the secrets to planning and executing successful school events with this comprehensive guide.

How to Start, Run, and Maintain an Afterschool Program

Quality afterschool programs are essential in fostering a supportive and enriching student environment for all learners. These programs offer a safe, structured space for children to explore new interests, receive crucial academic support, and build valuable social skills that will benefit them ...

How to Create a School Event Calendar
How to Create a K-12 School Events Calendar in 7 Easy Steps

The start of each new school year is a whirlwind of activity, all with one end goal: planning for a smooth school year from start to finish. School admins know that most school events are planned long before the school year even begins. At the very least, dates are reserved for holidays, exam schedu ...