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A person looking at a to-do list for K-12 state testing IT prep and smiling
IT Prep for K-12 State Testing

This helpful infographic shows just how much you can benefit from investing in a CMMS for your facilities management.

How our District Improved Decision-Making Efficiency with Enhanced Approval Workflows

Since implementing Incident IQ’s Enhanced Approval Workflows (EAW), Kirkwood School District found unique ways to streamline the intake process for a wide variety of tasks. This has resulted in significant time savings for multiple functional teams.

The Advantages of Establishing Student-Run Tech Support Teams

See how establishing a student-run tech team can help your district resolve help requests.

Illustration of two men in hiking gear, looking at a map and pointing in a forward direction.
Ultimate Guide to School Facility Management

For students to achieve their academic goals and teachers to provide an ideal learning environment, school facilities have to be clean, safe, and well-maintained. Effective school facility management cuts costs, streamlines your school’s workflows, and keeps everyone comfortable throughout the aca ...

Illustration of workers surrounding a large brain icon that connects with several computers and servers.
10 Best Knowledge Base Examples & How to Create Your Own

It’s the beginning of the school year, and teachers, students, and staff are all powering up their new devices. Unfortunately, many of them are new or haven’t used their accounts since the summer started, and they’re unsure how to use some of their most essential software. At this point, they ...

Illustration of a man leaning over a master plan that looks like a treasure map.
How to Create a Comprehensive School Facilities Master Plan

Providing students with safe facilities that are conducive to learning is one of the most important facility management goals for school leaders. A school facilities master plan allows you to look at the big picture and evaluate facilities projects that have already been completed, are currently und ...

Illustration of a robot holding a folder or checklist, standing next to a large computer.
Ticket Triage: 6 Tips to Build a Seamless Support Workflow

Two tickets arrive at your help desk at exactly the same moment, both claiming to be urgent. How do you decide which ticket to address first? If you’re doing it yourself, you’d dig into the details of each ticket. Who’s requesting, what the issue is, who is being directly affected in the momen ...

Illustration of two people standing next to stacks of coins and an upward trending graph line.
School Budget Planning: A 4-Step Guide for School Facilities Managers

School administrators and facilities managers have to handle many stressful aspects of school system operations, including school budget planning. Leaders must scour the school budget not only to find funds for staffing, supplies, and important initiatives but also for maintenance processes, which a ...

How to Start, Run, and Maintain an After-school Program

When the final school bell rings, some students hurry home, finished with the school day until the morning bell signals a new beginning. For others, the fun is just beginning as they head to various after-school programs that provide opportunities for connection, creativity, and enrichment.  Wi ...