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Illustration of a girl crying while looking at her Chromebook's broken screen
Chromebook Repair: How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Broken Chromebook Screen

Whether they get dropped on the bus, knocked off a desk during class, or stepped on by a younger sibling at home, there are plenty of opportunities for Chromebook screens to get damaged. A broken screen makes it difficult for students to get their work done, and when multiple devices have screen iss ...

Illustration of a man surrounded by question marks, holding a light bulb.
Can Schools Track Chromebooks? 7 Tips for Keeping Track of Student Devices.

There are a number of good reasons for schools to keep track of assigned Chromebooks, with those reasons usually being financial, safety, and academic in nature. According to Google, 50 million students and teachers use Chromebooks to enrich their experiences in elementary and secondary schools. Whe ...

Illustration of a man on a couch with a laptop on his lap.
Setting Up Chromebooks for Schools: 9 Must-Have Software for K-12 Devices

As our world continues to revolutionize digital products and processes, it’s no surprise that computers and other technologies have made their way into the classroom. Even before the pandemic, 1:1 learning had already been gaining traction. Once the world declared a state of emergency, remote lear ...

Illustration of a performance meter ranging from red (poor) to green (good), and students holding devices.
15 Best iPad Cases for Students in 2023

So you’re considering implementing a 1:1 initiative in your school—or you already have—and you’re thinking ahead to the challenges of giving students their own device. That’s smart. There’s definitely lots to consider when handing out student devices—topmost of which would be how to ke ...

Inventory Management in Excel: Tips for Managing Your School’s Assets

Managing thousands of school devices is one of the greatest IT challenges for schools—especially for those that are investing in new tech-heavy initiatives or growing quickly. So how does a K-12 IT technician keep track of it all? Well, one of the most cost-effective solutions for school stock man ...

6 Best Chromebook Carts for K-12 Asset Management

Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets are common educational tools in today’s K-12 environment, and like any other school asset, they require care, maintenance, and a safe “home.” If devices aren’t sent home each night with students (and the right laptop or Chromebook case for school devices ...

How To Clean A Chromebook

School devices that are issued out to individuals—like Chromebooks—will get very, very dirty throughout the school year. You know it, and we know it. Providing Chromebook cases for school devices is a good first step for keeping them clean. But beyond that, giving them a proper cleaning will enh ...

5 Ways to Secure K-12 School Devices

One important lesson K-12 districts learned in 2020 was how important it is to be vigilant when securing district devices. According to responses to a survey reported in EdWeek Research, “about two-thirds [of respondents] recalled there was one school-issued device for every middle and high school ...

Illustration of man holding shield protecting a laptop.
Top 10 Chromebook Cases for K-12 Student Devices

Discover different Chromebook cover options that help protect district assets with this helpful article.