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The Advantages of Establishing Student-Run Tech Support Teams

In a small town in Massachusetts, Burlington Public Schools faced an ambitious 1:1 program. The year was 2011, so the age of frequent 1:1 device initiatives was still in the future, but Burlington Public Schools was looking for creative ways to get tablets in the hands of students and teachers who k ...

Does Your District’s Tech Stack Support Your Cybersecurity Goals?

Cybersecurity attacks within K-12 districts have become an imminent threat. Seemingly, a new school district is highlighted every week. Ransomware attacks, which have compromised the most sensitive school district data (e.g., social security numbers and home addresses), put student and staff well-be ...

Cartoon image of woman holding life sized pencil and using life sized checklist
Device Distribution: Tips for a Successful Start to the School Year

IT teams have a tremendous responsibility to gather, prepare, store, and distribute devices. We previously discussed the strategic way to store devices for extended periods—but how do IT teams effectively distribute devices? While proper storage is very important, distributing the devices is just ...

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The Benefits of Interoperability for K-12 IT Support

There is a word that’s commonly used in IT support circles—interoperability. Interoperability refers to the ability for IT systems and software to intelligently exchange and use information, which is the goal for today’s budget-strained K-12 IT support teams. Nowadays, it’s costly to have in ...

Image of two students returning devices into cart
The Summer Guide for Storing Student Devices: Long-Term Chromebook Storage Tips

For a K-12 IT team, collecting individual Chromebooks from students and storing them for the summer is a long and tedious task. After each Chromebook is collected, IT teams get ready to jump the next hurtle—preparing all Chromebooks for storage. That process includes ensuring devices are repaired ...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Asset Metadata and Histories Are Integral to K-12 Asset Management

Here’s a somewhat staggering fact for our K-12 IT folks out there—thanks to the demand of edtech tools in the present classroom environment, the K-12 education technology industry is currently valued to reach $56,490,000 by 2026. That’s a whopping 79% increase in valuation from 2019, due to th ...

5 reasons to handle facilities and asset management on one platform
5 Reasons to Handle School Facilities & Asset Management On One Platform

If you ask a person on the street the first thing that comes to mind when they think of schools, you’ll probably hear things like: “Desks, tests, classrooms, teachers, recess, and detention.” What you’re not likely to hear is an in-depth understanding of all the behind-the-scenes work that k ...

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End-of-Year Asset Collection Checklist

How many months did you spend planning your last device collection? How many teachers did you have to train, and asset labels did you have to re-apply? Deploying student devices and school assets is hard enough as it is, and before you know it, it’s the end of the school year and all those ass ...

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The Ultimate Guide to School Asset Tracking

What would happen if one day you stopped keeping track of things? No more grocery lists, no more Google calendars, and no more scratching down quick reminders on a sticky note. Let that sink in. Technically, the average person can only keep track of four things at once, and our short-term memory isn ...