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Bringing Rankin County School District’s Asset Management and Help Ticketing Into Focus with Incident IQ


As the third largest K-12 district in Mississippi, Rankin County School District has an IT team that covers 28 schools and over 19,000 student devices. But with more students joining every year and the demand for student devices growing, Rankin needed more comprehensive asset management and an easier way for students and staff to submit help requests.

“We wanted a platform that was easy for our agents and end users,” says Elaine Low, Technical Support Specialist. “But we really needed asset management built into our ticketing system so that we could keep better track of our devices.”

Additionally, Rankin was looking for a system that worked with their existing school systems. Ginger McKenzie, Rankin’s SIS Administrator, works primarily with PowerSchool, and she needed a platform that seamlessly connected their SIS to their support platform.

“Before Incident IQ, we couldn’t directly integrate with PowerSchool,” McKenzie recounts. “We had to use a third-party system to sync our students, and it was a little cumbersome.” 

Time is a precious resource for IT teams, especially for a district with 1:1 device initiatives. Rankin’s old ticketing and asset management platform performed adequately in the past, but Low knew they needed a more comprehensive solution to reflect the district they are today.

“We felt that as our district and the needs of our technology support grew, we needed something a little bit more robust. We really found a great home with Incident IQ,” says Low.


Using Incident IQ to power Rankin’s student tech team program

One of Rankin’s more unique support solutions are their student tech teams, which handle low-level technical issues and ease the burden on Rankin’s IT team. 

“The idea for tech teams came into being because we needed a way to make help ticketing more manageable, but not decrease the level of customer service we provide,” Low explains. 

The program offers Rankin students course credit to help the IT team with technical issues. Students typically handle on-the-ground support problems like printer and smart board issues, gaining real-world experience while helping the IT team focus on more complex technical problems.

It didn’t take long before Rankin noticed substantial benefits for their student tech team workflow. 

“We love Incident IQ for the ability to assign work orders directly to students, just like this was a real job [for them],” Low continues. 

Incident IQ features Rules Engine, a powerful tool that lets agents build time-saving automations controlling email notifications, work order routing, and more. Rankin’s IT team programmed automations to route help tickets to specific agents based on issue type, location, and other relevant factors. Low also created automatic rules that send the simpler tech issues to her student tech teams, while routing higher priority or complex issues to the internal IT team. 

Incident IQ’s simple Ticket Wizard workflow also streamlined the help ticketing submission process for teachers and staff. 

“Incident IQ feels like a lot of the applications and platforms everybody uses these days,” Low notes. “It was really easy for the students to learn.” 

This simple yet data-rich ticket submission enables requests to be routed and resolved much quicker than before, and helps Low decide which tasks she handles, and which can be sent to student tech teams. 


Expanding Rankin’s reach with combined asset management and help ticketing

But the biggest difference Rankin’s team observed was the breadth of tasks they were able to manage. Compared to their previous support platform, Incident IQ empowered Low and McKenzie to accomplish more by combining asset management and help ticketing into one system.

“Incident IQ’s asset management allows us to keep track of each asset and attach information related to it,” Low says.

Incident IQ integrates directly with Rankin’s MDM and SIS software. Now, when a help ticket is submitted for a student device, pertinent information such as device owner, location, and a detailed list of the asset’s history is automatically attached to the help ticket. This gives technicians a complete history of the asset so they can work better with the device in question.

Furthermore, API-driven integrations with Jamf, PowerSchool, and Google Devices dramatically simplifies work for Rankin’s IT team.

“Instead of going into Jamf and then into our work order platform, we’re able to work  directly from Incident IQ. We’re able to see where the computer is, where it was last checked in, and put in a ticket right then and there from that asset information,” explains Low.

McKenzie agrees, noting, “Incident IQ has improved our workflow. You just need to log into Incident IQ, look up a student, and everything about the student is right there: the asset they have, any fees they’ve acquired, their schedule. It’s really nice.”

Incident IQ writes back data points in real-time into the SIS and MDM systems, which saves time by eliminating the need to toggle between platforms. Moreover, having a unified support platform helped the district get a better understanding of their overall asset data.

“When you’re dealing with 20,000 or so devices out there, you’re going to want to be more efficient,” Low says. “Being able to see all of our devices and know exactly what’s going on with them has been invaluable, and that’s why we didn’t hesitate to go with Incident IQ.”

Low notes that Rankin’s Director of Technology has even used Incident IQ’s reports and analytics to spot potential pain points and work proactively to make sure they don’t become problems in the future.

“She is very appreciative of being able to see how long a work order has been in place. [The data] has been invaluable to her, because she can see if there’s a hiccup somewhere or if there’s a technician that might just need a little bit of help out on the field,” Low says.

“Before, we were flying blind. The data was just not as easily accessible as it is now, where you can go to your dashboard and see exactly what’s going on, and filter by technician, location, or date.”

Rankin County needed a support platform that could do more with the systems they already had in place, and Incident IQ was the key to achieving that goal. The powerful combination of detailed asset management and easy-to-use help ticketing works with Rankin’s growing technology needs, while expanding their access and reach to accomplish more than ever before. 


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