Incident IQ Integration For



The rSchoolToday integration for Incident IQ imports event listings into iiQ Events from rSchoolToday. This integration provides building and event teams with event listings imported from rSchoolToday into iiQ Events. Using this integration, K-12 support teams can prevent double-booking and have better visibility over location availability and upcoming district events.

rSchoolToday Integration: Features & Benefits

After activating this integration, districts can sync detailed asset data between rSchoolToday and Incident IQ.

  • Import rSchoolToday events into iiQ Events for better event visibility
  • Receive notifications when there’s scheduling conflicts between events created in rSchoolToday and iiQ Events
  • Keep events in Incident IQ up-to-date when events in rSchoolToday are changed
Integrating rSchoolToday with
Incident IQ

K-12 building and events teams can use the integration to bring rSchoolToday event listings into Incident IQ. rSchoolToday is synced with Incident IQ hourly, and technicians can initiate manual syncs if required. Mapping options allow districts to manage how rSchoolToday data is imported into Incident IQ.

For more information about this integration, visit the Incident IQ Community.