Incident IQ

Rollout Scout


Rollout Scout is an Incident IQ app that enhances the accuracy and speed of student device deployment, collection, and storage. Instantly assign a device owner during distribution or a storage location during collection, address issues by opening a help ticket with one click, and promote device stewardship by maintaining rich asset history. Rollout Scout is part of iiQ Assets.

  • Asset Check-in & Check-out: A quick scan instantly assigns a student device during distribution or a location during collection. Detailed repair and ownership history is maintained from initial assignment, during storage, through device re-issuing. Year-over-year collection and distribution are further expedited as devices can remain tied to their specific student owner.
  • Device Collection and Detailed Device Storage: The app supports detailed collection and instant storage assignment upon scanning, such as sequencing through numbered box slots that coordinate with a specified storage facility. This enables schools to pinpoint the exact location of each student asset.
  • Integrated Help Ticketing: Collecting a device that needs hardware or software attention? With one click, open a help ticket associated with the scanned device without abandoning the process of device collection.
  • Device Stewardship: Maintaining ownership year-over-year encourages device stewardship among students, while support technicians maintain access to complete device history logs. The app enhances asset management capabilities. For example, while asset locations might change from collection to storage to third-party repair vendors, the devices themselves can remain tied to their respective student owners.