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Bringing district SIS data into Incident IQ enables a host of powerful features. Enable data-rich help requests by bringing course codes and roster information into the ticket submission process. Empower teachers to submit tickets on behalf of students with My Classes.

Student Data Privacy

This app has been built by Incident IQ. The app is not affiliated with the referenced company; all product names, trademarks, and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Incident IQ Integration For

ProgressBook SIS

After activating this integration, districts can securely import user, course, and roster data into Incident IQ. This data is used to streamline SIS-related help requests, as well as enable advanced functionality like My Classes, which allows teachers to easily submit help requests on behalf of students.

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Simple user sync: Easily synchronize student, teacher, and parent/guardian SIS accounts with Incident IQ for simple, accurate account creation

Unlock My Classes: Incident IQ’s My Classes feature makes it simple for teachers to submit help tickets and manage devices on behalf of students

Streamline SIS help requests: Pre-populated Ticket Wizard workflows make it simple to submit SIS-related help requests

Course information at the ready: Responsive course-selection dropdowns draw from SIS data to display relevant course and student data to teachers submitting SIS-related help requests

Flexible data mapping: Specify which data source user information comes from. Seamlessly merge data from SIS, SSO, and other integrations to build Incident IQ user profiles that fit district data sets

Our commitment to Student Privacy

Incident IQ has taken the Student Privacy Pledge to affirm that K-12 student information is kept private and secure. We are honored to be entrusted by educators and families to support their educational needs and school operations. We have built the Incident IQ platform and mobile app to safeguard student privacy and information security.

Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

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