Incident IQ Integration For

PowerSchool SIS


PowerSchool is a popular student information system for K-12 districts. Incident IQ uses API endpoints to integrate with PowerSchool, enabling districts to securely import user, course, and roster data into Incident IQ.

PowerSchool Integration: Features & Benefits

After activating this integration, districts can sync detailed asset data between PowerSchool and Incident IQ. This integration simplifies SIS workflows and unlocks advanced functionality for IT teams.

  • Submit help requests easily with My Classes, which streamlines support requests on behalf of students.
  • Minimize manual data entry with data-rich Ticket Wizard workflows that make it simple to submit SIS-related help requests.
  • Sync student, teacher, and parent/guardian SIS accounts with Incident IQ for simple, accurate account creation.
Red background with screenshot of Incident IQ's PowerSchool SIS data import and sync screen
Blue background with screenshot of Incident IQ’s course code and student selectors
Integrating PowerSchool with Incident IQ

The PowerSchool integration can be installed in minutes, with a step-by-step guide navigating administrators through the process. Mosyle Manager data is synced with Incident IQ daily, and technicians can initiate manual syncs if required.

For more information about this integration, visit the Incident IQ Community.