Incident IQ Integration For

Microsoft SCCM


Microsoft SCCM is a mobile device management system for Windows devices. With this API-driven integration, districts using Incident IQ can synchronize and access detailed asset data from Microsoft SCCM within Incident IQ. Support teams can also perform Device Actions — which allow users to execute MDM commands from Incident IQ, without switching between platforms.

Microsoft SCCM Integration: Features & Benefits
  • Execute Device Actions from Incident IQ, including locking, restarting, or remotely wiping devices from a help ticket.
  • Use recent login data to automatically verify devices during an audit.
  • Map dozens of data points into Incident IQ, giving agents detailed device metadata, such as operating system, IP address, and more.
  • Select which fields map to Incident IQ, allowing districts to easily control how data is being imported.
  • Generate in-depth filters, reports, and custom views using Microsoft SCCM data.
Orange background with screenshot Incident IQ's Asset Details screen
Integrating Microsoft SCCM with Incident IQ

With this integration, asset data is synced daily between Microsoft SCCM and Incident IQ, with additional support for manual syncs. Furthermore, Incident IQ offers robust mapping options, which lets districts specify what data is mapped into Incident IQ, and vice versa.