Incident IQ Integration For

Microsoft Azure SSO


Azure Single Sign-On is powered by the Azure Active Directory to create a seamless sign-on experience for users. With the Microsoft Azure SSO integration from Incident IQ, users can log in to Incident IQ using their Microsoft Azure credentials.

Microsoft Azure SSO Integration: Features & Benefits

This integration works with API endpoints to ensure a secure connection between Microsoft Azure SSO and Incident IQ. Streamline the sign-on experience for end users with this integration.

  • Enable faculty, staff, and students a one-click login experience with Incident IQ.
  • Help teachers and staff quickly submit help requests.
  • Map user and location data into Incident IQ, allowing for easy import and mapping of district information.
Incident IQ's Microsoft Azure SSO login screen on blue background
Integrating Microsoft Azure SSO with Incident IQ

Easily integrate Microsoft Azure SSO and Incident IQ using your Microsoft Azure authentication token. Incident IQ’s flexible mapping options let K-12 IT teams select what data is shared between Azure SSO and Incident IQ.