Incident IQ Integration For

Jamf Pro


Jamf Pro is a software platform for mobile device management, specializing in the management of Apple, iOS, and macOS devices. Incident IQ integrates with Jamf Pro, which lets K-12 IT teams access detailed device metadata from Incident IQ.

Jamf Pro Integration: Features & Benefits

With this API-driven integration, K-12 districts can securely sync detailed MDM data between Jamf Pro and Incident IQ. This integration gives K-12 IT teams accurate asset information, and helps them create detailed, live-updating reports using Jamf Pro data.

  • Use advanced mapping to import dozens of data points into Incident IQ, which gives agents detailed device metadata, such as operating system, IP address, location, and more.
  • Select which data to map to Incident IQ, which allows districts to easily control how data is being imported.
  • Create detailed filters, reports, and views using Jamf Pro data.
Purple background Incident IQ's jamf Pro SIS data import and sync screen
Integrating Jamf Pro with Incident IQ

Data from Jamf Pro syncs daily with Incident IQ, and technicians can perform on-demand manual syncs as necessary.

Additionally, Incident IQ offers an integration with Jamf School.