Incident IQ Integration For

InTouch Receipting


After activating this integration, districts can securely sync fee and payment information between InTouch and Incident IQ. This data is used to keep InTouch information up-to-date with fees and payments applied in Incident IQ, and vice-versa.

Yellow background with screenshot of Incident IQ's fee tracker feature
  • Streamline the check-in process: This integration makes it simple to add fees on Chromebooks and other technology during device collection.
  • Generate receipts and invoices in seconds: This integration includes one-click PDF invoice generation to provide important paperwork to parents and guardians.
  • Attach fees in bulk: Agents can select groups of tickets or assets and attach fees using batch actions.
  • Create fee-related automations: IT teams can use Rules Engine to create automations that automatically send email alerts to relevant stakeholders when specified conditions are met.
  • Ensure greater accountability for technology-related fees: Collecting fees will be easier than ever with immediate, electronic payment methods.