Incident IQ Integration For

Google Single Sign On


Google SSO authenticates login information and lets a user log in with their Google credentials. This integration between Google SSO and Incident IQ lets end users log into Incident IQ with their Google Cloud Identity or Google Workspace account.

Google Single Sign On Integration: Features & Benefits

Incident IQ’s API-driven Google SSO integration allows districts to enable users to log in to Incident IQ in a click, utilizing their Google account credentials.

  • Enables one-click login for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Group-to-Team mapping allows admins to easily map an SSO user group to a team in Incident IQ, allowing for quick user provisioning and permission management.
  • Map user and location data into Incident IQ, allowing for easy import and mapping of district information.
  • Help teachers and staff quickly submit help requests.
Red background with Incident IQ's Google SSO login screen
Integrating Google SSO with Incident IQ

This integration enables K-12 IT teams to use their Google authentication token to integrate Google SSO with Incident IQ. With this integration, technicians can streamline the login process for users, populate Incident IQ user profiles using Google data, and perform advanced role and location mapping in Incident IQ.