Incident IQ Apps

Built to make support go further.

Incident IQ Apps are additions to the Incident IQ platform that provide support teams with even more tools to assist teachers and students.

Password Assistant

Password Assistant

Reset user passwords in a snap.

Streamline password resets and recovery for all major SSO environments including Google SSO, Microsoft Azure and ADFS with Password Assistant.

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Password Assistant Reset Password

Keep everyone in the loop.

Incident IQ's Announcements

The Announcements app makes it simple to send out district-wide messages, styled based on the urgency of the message. Control visibility based on user role, and select date ranges that announcements are visible.

Incident IQ's Status Board

Status Board allows teams to easily monitor the uptime of district systems, and push messages about any system outages or disruptions.

Rollout Scout Screen
K-12 Education Deployment Rollout Scout

Rollout Scout

Distribute devices with ease.

Rollout Scout was built specifically for K-12 device deployments. Instantly assign a device owner during distribution or a storage location during collection, and get devices into student hands easier than ever before.

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Spare Pool App

Spare Pool

Manage and monitor spare devices.

Spare Pool makes it simple to create, manage, and track groups of spare devices, ensuring that schools always have back-up devices on hand.

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Incident IQ's Spare Pool Management
K-12 Policy Manager Icon

Policy Manager

Digitally distribute district policies and forms.

Create, distribute, and manage student and employee policies with Policy Manager. Deliver policy agreements and forms through multiple portals—through Incident IQ, a direct URL, or through student ID lookup. Segment audiences by location, role, or through individual student or staff lists. Policy Manager makes it simple to create a trusted channel to quickly distribute district agreements.

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Incident IQ's Support Messenger App

Support Scheduler

Schedule support sessions in a snap.

Get support sessions booked with ease. Give requestors your available windows, and have them select the time that works best. Add support sessions to your Incident IQ calendar, or export scheduled events to a third-party calendar in a click.

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Support Messenger Dialogue Mockup
Incident IQ's Support Messenger App

Support Messenger

Spread the word.

Support Messenger is a real time communication app for Incident IQ. Send direct messages, start group chats, drag and drop files, and get help requests solved even faster.

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Incident IQ's Fee Tracker App

Fee Tracker

Manage school-related payments with ease.

Generate fines, record payments and create invoices, all within Incident IQ.
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Fee Tracker - add line item to ticket

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