Facilities Management Add-On

Tools for your maintenance team.

The Facilities add-on is an extension to iiQ Ticketing designed to make submitting maintenance requests simple and efficient. Maintenance staff will find a powerful platform to organize maintenance requests, and to track parts and labor.

Facilities is the best way for districts to support:

Electrical Issues

Heating/Cooling Requests

Plumbing Issues

Equipment Checkout

Grounds Requests

Custodial Requests

Ticket Wizard

Get facility issues submitted quickly.

Facilities uses the same intuitive ticket wizard found in other iiQ products. Simple, step-by-step procedures enable users to submit data-rich facilities requests in seconds. The ticket wizard can be customized, allowing districts to tailor Facilities to suit their unique needs.

Facilities support on the go.

Incident IQ Mobile contains the same powerful facilities support found on the desktop. Available on iOS and Android, Incident IQ Mobile helps facilities teams get more done on the go.

Learn more

Facility IQ Mobile Facilities Help Requests

Parts & Labor

Track parts and labor.

With a few clicks, maintenance teams can easily keep track of parts and labor. The Facilities add-on makes it simple to add new parts, and track inventory and utilization levels. Labor tracking makes it a breeze to track labor costs — add time spent and hourly rate to tickets in seconds.

Facility IQ Parts and Labor Tracking

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