About Incident IQ

More than a help desk, Incident IQ is the cloud-based technology support and asset management platform that empowers school districts to manage and provide support for all the hardware, software, and systems that teaching and learning depend on. Incident IQ is built from the ground up for today’s K-12 with easy ticket submission for teachers and students, efficient workflows for support teams, and powerful analytics for leaders.

Specialized support workflows, integrations and apps designed for the needs of K-12 teachers, instructional technology specialists, network managers, and student data information systems coordinators are built into Incident IQ. Additionally, Incident IQ has a suite of asset and facilities management tools to aid districts that need a comprehensive solution.


Following an eighteen month pilot period, the Incident IQ platform was introduced at the ISTE Exhibition in 2017, and since that time has been rapidly adopted by leading K-12 districts across the United States, ranging in size from over 100,000 students to as few as 1,000. Incident IQ is exclusively for K-12 school districts. Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across 29 states and counting rely on Incident IQ for accessing and delivering critical technology support in their districts. Incident IQ is based in Atlanta, GA.

Company Leadership

Travis Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer
R.T. Collins, Vice President and General Manager
Patrick Bennett, Vice President, Customer Success
Matthew Krivanek, Vice President, Marketing
Jason Martin, Chief Software Architect
Jorgen Von Tangen, Development Team Manager